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All the aquarium filters you need for your home aquarium. Including Internal Filters, Canister Filters, Sponge Filters, Hang-on Filters and Undergravel Filters. Brands we stock: Aqua One, Aqua EL, Aquatopia, KiS and PETS

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  • Canister Filters

    Pretty much seen as the optimum method of filtration for nearly any tank, these little champs are an external filter that will contain multiple chambers of filtration glory. Completely customisable and actually adding litres to your tank it’s very hard to fault a canister filter, a great buy.

    Brands we stock: Aqua EL and Aqua One

  • Hang-on "Waterfall"...

    The hang on or “waterfall” style filter is another method of filtration. Needing a section of the lid cut out to fit in the support, it is not for all tanks, feel free to contact us with pictures of your tank setup before you buy one of these. But a wonderful type of filtration none the less. Typically a mechanical and chemical filtration comes standard with these, but higher range ones include biological filtration also.

    Brands we stock: Aqua One and Aquatopia

  • Sponge Filters

    Typically only used for shrimp or fry tanks (or as a supplemental filter for a tank with another type of filtration) because of their low flow rate. These filters are powered by an air pump (sold separately) and are a great buy for supplemental tanks (like quarantine or fry tanks) especially if you want your air pump and filter using only one power point!

    Brands we stock: Aqua One

  • Undergravel Filters

    Another filter powered by external air pumps (sold separately, see the Air pumps section if you want to buy one of these) these units are very unobtrusive to your tank. One of the oldest styles of aquarium filters available these have been successfully used for years and if you want to try them do not hesitate to contact us for help with the purchase.

    Brands we stock: KiS and PETS.

  • Internal Filters

    Creating current, filtration and often also aeration, these filters can be seen as a great stand-alone filter or as an addition to existing filtration. Often solely using sponge as the filter media, larger internals or more expensive internals have multiple chambers allowing customisation for whatever you needs may be. Depending on the setup often considered a good first buy.

    Brands we stock: Aqua EL, Aqua one and Otto

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items